Back Pain – Separating Fact From Fiction ~ by Dr Peter O’Sullivan

Learn why 95% of back pain has a high potential of going away, and what the common factor is to resolve it.

Additional Client Education Videos

Understanding Pain

This is a great, easy to follow video about chronic pain. It helps you understand what current research has been saying about chronic pain - thats its not a joint or muscle problem, rather a 're-wiring' of the brain perception of itself. In other words, the brain has...

Why Things Hurt ~ by Dr Lorimer Moseley

Dr Lorimer Moseley is a one our favorite pain experts! He is a clinical neurology pain specialist who really explains "why things hurt" in a way that will make you approach your healing in new and effective way.

Frances griffey massage therapist at Precision Healing Massage & Body Work

Frances Griffey

Massage Therapist #26679


  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Chronic Pain Relief
  • Relaxation Massage

Frances's massage is a blend of deep therapeutic pressure and flow, that is targeted to relieve tension and relax you.

For clients with chronic pain and muscle dysfunction, Frances can truly help to bring relief. She has been practicing massage since 2019, and her passion for the healing arts continues to grow as she is currently studying to become a licensed acupuncturist.

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